Tense back? Tight shoulders? Need to relax those tired muscles?

You're in the right place to release those knots and toxins from your muscles whilst feeling relaxed and relieved.


You could benefit from a 30 minute back massage if you are a desk worker who suffers from neck, shoulder & back pain. Perhaps you are standing for long periods of time at work and you are suffering from aches and pains through your legs and feet. You could benefit from a Rollé Therapy Deep Tissue Treatment.


Training hard at your chosen sport, Advanced Deep Tissue Treatment has the potential to aid & benefit any person who is suffering from any tension, tight muscles & soft tissue injury or scar tissue.


Our Massage Studios are warm, inviting and available for you to experience a stress relieving soothing Hot stones and Swedish massage.


We also offer package deals for that special unique gift, treat a loved one or yourself. Contact Rollé Therapy today for your chosen massage.