Swedish Massage


Package Deal For Swedish Massage 

Special Offer –  4 x 60 mins – £215 (Original Price – £260)

**** Please Note this Package Deal is Valid for ONLY 10 Weeks ****



Massage Therapists: Ken and Cindy


Swedish Massage

To Release Toxins

Swedish Massage is a simple but powerful form of healing involving touch, movement and energy. This gentle form of massage uses long strokes, kneading, circular movements, vibrations & tapping to help relax and Energize you. It has a calming effect on the neuromuscular system, bringing about deep relaxation and equilibrium to the body’s energy level..

60 mins – £60
90 mins – £90
4 x 60 mins – £215 (Please Note this Package Deal is Valid for ONLY 10 Weeks)


Stone Massage

Hot or Cold Stones for Maximum Relaxation

Stone Massage is an ancient healing art of stone therapy using unique massaging techniques as well as warm stones which helps to relax the body at it’s deepest level. The radiant energy from the stones help calm the senses, relax muscle tension as well as promote a meditative state.

60 mins – £65
90 mins – £95


Pregnancy Massage

(Please note you can only book the Pregnancy Massage  if it’s after your first trimester & provided it’s not a High risk Pregnancy)

On this special occasion pregnancy can bring about many changes to your body our therapist will take good care of you to ensure your pregnancy massage is supportive and comfortable.
Our non-invasive approach to pregnancy massage can help you improve circulation improve oxygenation of soft tissue and muscles.
It can also help reduce stress and anxiety, muscle tension, headaches, back and joint pain.

60 mins – £65

Couples Massage in Bayswater and W2

Couples Massage

You can choose from a Deep tissue massage , Swedish massage or Therapeutic massage in the same room treated by a Male and a female Therapist. This is an ideal gift for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Achievements or friends’ get-togethers.

60 mins – £130
90 mins – £160

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First Visit Offer

60 mins – £55.00

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All Packages Are Only Valid for 10 Weeks